Stormwater Management: Concrete Pits For Residential And Commercial Applications

Stormwater or rainwater is the water running off the driveways, roofs, and some other large surface areas when raining. It can add a lot of water and this water can cause damage when not contained. It is what drains and stormwater pits, stormwater pit storage for rainwater. But, keep in mind that it is not designed to store or hold water, it is not an inground water tank. 

The concrete stormwater pits are ideal for several applications:

  • Driveways
  • Inter-allotment drainage
  • Pipe connection
  • Residential stormwater drainage
  • Roadside stormwater drainage

What does it use for?

Concrete pits are used for:

  • Stormwater collection
  • Electrical
  • Communications cabling
  • Transformer substations

The rainwater runoff flows to the underground concrete and stormwater pit located under the ground. The pit collects the water and it stops flooding during heavy rain. The stormwater pits are used for controlling and holding stormwater running off as the stormwater slowly discharges through the connected system of the drainage pipes.

How does it work?

When raining heavily, the water running off from the roofs, driveway, and backyard is diverted into the stormwater pits. When you have a functional drainage system, the water can accumulate which causes flooding that can damage your property and even the neighborhood. Therefore, you need a concrete stormwater pit. The main function of the stormwater pit holds water long enough before being released into the drainage system.

It is very different to an in-ground water tank that is used to store water for future use.

concrete stormwater pits

Cleaning stormwater pits

As mentioned, stormwater pits are tolerant to clogging caused by leaves, dirt, and other debris. You need to clean it regularly so that it can continue functioning optimally. Before starting the cleaning, it is essential to know the two different types of stormwater – from buildings and from overland flow. But, regardless of the type that affects the location, it is essential to manage the stormwater properly.

You must consider several factors when selecting a stormwater pit cleaning service. More essentially, you can perform adequate research to avoid making the wrong choice. These pits are a reasonable investment and you don’t want to end up losing your saved money to something that needs a replacement after limited use.

Concrete stormwater pits are a valuable addition to any residential or commercial property. It helps control the running rainwater due to heavy rain. So, for your property and the neighborhood not to experience flooding, install the stormwater pit. It can protect the premises from potential damage to running water.

You may research extensively before you make any purchases. It ensures that you clean the pit regularly to prolong its life and improve its functionality. Install a concrete stormwater pit now and secure your property from potential damage-causing rainwater.