Importance of a MOT test – What You Need to Know!

If you have a vehicle, you might be aware that your vehicle must go through the MOT test. It is an important test that applies to vehicles, motorbikes, cargo vehicles and other types of vehicle too. Ministry of Transport or MOT test makes sure that the vehicles are completely safe to drive and road worthy but what if you want to get mot cancellations ni, let us find it out.

Ministry of Transport test was introduced in the year 1960s and was expanded several times in past many years. The first item when it was brought in existence for the MOT testing in around sixties was for the tyre check. But, today this test is quite complex and different elements of a vehicle is checked thoroughly. This test includes various checks like brakes, lights, car structure, suspension, and other. The test is made so that your vehicle is considered safe and roadworthy to drive, and prevent any breakdowns and accidents when on the road.

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Never Risk Your Vehicle Without MOT:

Running in a driveway and public road without the valid MOT test certificate will be against the Northern Ireland law and you will be eligible for a hefty fine of £1,000 and even points on the licence. Suppose your vehicle is found dangerous then your fine can go at £2,500 and it’s likely to get impounded. It is important to know this law has got no sympathy for the car owner driving without a valid MOT and thus endangering other vehicles.

Things MOT Does Not Check:

A MOT test will not look at your car engine, gearbox and clutch systems; still have to be in proper working condition. Suppose your vehicle cannot be driven on an inspection ramp, for example, then it will fail the test.