Here is the Best Faction Servers Minecraft to look out for

Minecraft is a video game rolled out by Mojang Studios. The developer, Markus Persson, used Java programming language to create this world-famous game. It offers multiple modes for players to enjoy the game. One of the most popular ones is Minecraft Faction, introduced over ten years ago. So for Minecraft lovers, here are the Best Faction Servers Minecraft.


Mox MC is regarded as the top factions server in a famous server list dedicated to the game mode accessible here. Players can jump into the battle by entering “/kit PVP” when they join the server. It is rooted in a fierce and merciless PvP mentality. It will grant players access to a free powerful PvP kit with gear, potions, and other goodies.

The custom auction house system, which allows players to auction their valuable stuff to the entire server and bid on items listed by other players, is another fantastic feature available on Mox MC.

MassiveCraft Factions – IP –

MassiveCraft was founded by and is still run by the same group that designed and developed the initial Minecraft factions plugin, which many factions servers still use today.

MassiveCraft, as the creators of the factions game mode, can be counted on to deliver nothing but the best. Custom mobs, bosses, custom equipment, and questlines are among the server’s numerous unique features not available anywhere else.

So, one can opt for any of Best Faction Servers Minecraft for enjoying the game to the fullest.