Glimpse Behind “Blippi” And His Life Behind His YouTube Videos

When the first Blippi video came out on January 27th, 2014, it started a whole new career for Stevin John. It was not easy for him though because when he began his YouTube channel for kids, he did all of the work himself. He was the host, director, and editor of all his videos. But later on, he became very successful and is now one of the highest-paid YouTubers.

Who Is Blippi?

According to estimates, Blippi makes a total of $25 million from his 15 million YouTube subscribers. This makes him one of the world’s highest-paid YouTube celebrities. He started as a small-time YouTube phenomenon who created low-budget, low-brow humor videos under the guise of “Steezy Grossman” before becoming Blippi. Stevin John aka Blippi started his YouTube account in 2013 after completing his military service in the Air Force.

Stevin John aka Blippi

“Blippi” is actually the name of Stevin’s niece. He created the character when he started working as a marketing consultant for a brief period of time. Stevin came up with the idea of Blippi after realizing how his nephew showed an appreciation for such characters on YouTube. He then decided to launch his own YouTube channel. 

Life Before Blippi

John grew up in Ellensburg, Washington, and has stated that as a child, he dreamed of driving a limousine and piloting a combat aircraft. Which he did later on in life. John worked as a loadmaster on the C-17 Globemaster for the 4th Airlift Squadron of the United States Air Force, where he gained valuable experience.

Blippi And His YouTube Success

Stevin John makes his living as a children’s performer and instructor, largely through his YouTube channel. “Blippi” is a fictional character. The Blippi character conveys the characteristics of a youngster who is cheerful and inquisitive. In all his videos, he always appears to be sporting a blue and orange beanie cap, a blue shirt with orange suspenders, and a bow tie.

Blippi" And His Life Behind His YouTube Videos

As of 2022, his Blippi net worth is believed to be $25 million. This is hugely possible due to his 15 million subscribers on his Youtube channel. Blippi sold-out tickets during his live performances all over the country, letting kids sing along with their favorite celebrities as they meet them in person.

How Much Does Blippi Earn?

Aside from his mail channel with over 15 million followers, more than 7 million people follow Blippi’s second YouTube channel, Blippis Toys. It has had more than 5.5 billion views on the videos uploaded. The channel gets about 4 million views a day, which makes it earn about $7.8 million a year.