Fiber Cement Board Best Planks In The Construction Industry

As many people are interested to try new building techniques in cooperated with style, cost-effectiveness and durability there are many options that are coming. One product that has caught attention of many builders is fiber cement boards. The product has seen a massivelikeliness by many homebuilders and homeowners. The product was introduced in the 1970’s but it has acclaimed a worldwide appeal by modern-day builders and contractors. It has now become quite common in the construction industry, as it is a fast and efficient option. It is composed of sand, cement and cellulose fibres. They are a better option than plywood and other construction materials. They are excellent moisture absorbers and are resistant to all weather conditions. Fiber cement board best planks compared to other manufacturing materials.

How are they installed?

The boards are installed by using corrosion resistant screws and bolts. They have a minute gap between them for allowing the little movement due to thermal stress. While this gap is totally sealed by silicone used as a sealant. As fiberglass tapes seal them, they become water repellent. This is one of the factors that make them durable and stable. Entire installation of fiber cement provides energy efficiency. Combined with the density of boards it should provide significant utility bill savings.

Benefits of using fiber cement boards


One of the greatest advantagesof using it is that it is quite durable and therefore has a longlifespan. It can withstand any weather, wear and tear, mites, and ticks. It is more durable than aluminum boards. It is corrosion free and rust free. It is made up of sustainable and recyclable material as a mixture of sand cement and fibers that contain a huge amount of recycled wood makes it.

Large variety

Fiber cementoffersa large variety of design and sizes. It offers a striking artistry in the material makeup alone. Different colors and textures are being offered by many agencies to choose from. Customers might choose from. Wood grain and stucco are quite popular among the customers. Another great option is having the fiber cement painted on site in the finished colors using acrylics.

The use of fiber cement boards in the construction industry has been a great success. Fiber cement board best planks are a much better material than any of the other options and therefore are quite popular and used by many.